Haras de Laubry

Ocarina du Theil de Laubry

°2002 | Mare | Chestnut | Selle Francais

More about the horse

Breeder: Mme Francoise Riviere
Owner: Haras de Laubry
Rider: Stéphanie Haelterman

Ocarina won in France as a 4 year old, 14 times out of 18 participations. She also became champion of the 4 year old mares in Fontainebleau. As a 4 year old she won in total 1.669,54 EUR.

In 2008 Ocarina gave birth to a little mare named "Icarina de Laubry" (x Carolus II). In 2011 another little mare was born from Ocarina (through embryo transplant - Eros Platière) which got the name "Lovely Princess de Laubry".

with Stephanie Haelterman


10CSI1* Prestige League 2 Phases SpecialBrussels Stephex Masters1m1504/09/2015
15CSI1* - Prestige League FinalKnokke (BE)1m2028/06/2015
6CSI2*, Small Tour - Against the clockAntwerpen1m2024/04/2015
4CSI2*, Small TourAntwerpen1m1522/04/2015
1Z-Tour, CSI1*Lanaken1m1505/04/2015


  • 7th and 6th CSI2* Antwerpen - 1m15


  • 1st 1m15 CSI-Am Wieze
  • 4th 1m10 CSI-Am Wieze


  • 3rd 1m15 CSI-Am Wieze
  • 4th 1m15 CSI-Am Wieze
  • 3rd 1m15-1m25 North Sea Jumping
  • 8th 1m20 Jumping Antwerp CSI2* Bronze Tour
  • 2nd: 1m10 CSI1* Antwerp
  • 6th: 1m10 CSI1* Antwerp


  • 4th 1m15 CSI1* Moorsele
  • 8th 1m15 CSI1* Moorsele
  • 1st 1m20 CSI1* Wieze


  • 4th 1m20 Antwerp
  • 5th 1m15 CSI Brussels
  • 5th 1m20 Marbais
  • 6th 1m20 Antwerp
  • 6th 1m20 Auvers
  • 7th 1m20 Antwerp


  • 11th CSI Wisbecq Grand prix 1m25 en 4de 1m20
  • 7th CSI Beervelde 1m20
  • 7th CSI Bonheiden 1m20
  • 9th CSI Antwerp final Bronze Tour 1m15


  • 5th CSN Pottes 1m10 & 7th 1m10
  • 6th CSN Brugge Belgian Championship Ladies - second day

with Thiago Ribas da Costa

  • 20th final Belgian Championship YH 6YR in Gesves
  • cycle YH 6 years: 5 x 0-0 / 1 x 0-8 / 2 x 4


  • cycle YH 5 years: 7 x 0 / 3 x 4

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